Wearing Our Pride: Flatiron Helps Develop the First North American Certified Class 3 Safety Vest for Women

“We have started a process that hopefully will be there forevermore.” Flatiron Procurement Manager Zubin Taraporevala cannot contain his pride about something special he helped bring to…

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Turner and Flatiron to Build New Terminal at San Diego International Airport

Construction on the $2.265 billion project is scheduled to begin in late 2021 once all environmental permits are issued. SAN DIEGO (Sept. 21, 2020) – A Turner-Flatiron…

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LAX People Mover Project Elevated Guideway Moves Forward with First Concrete Placement

Flatiron is proud to be part of the team creating the Automated People Mover at Los Angeles International Airport. The September 11 placement of concrete for the…

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A “Beautiful” Thing: Work Wraps up on Sausalito Project

A Blue Angels flyover. Fleet Week. Not to mention overall gorgeous surroundings. These were some of the visual treats the Flatiron team enjoyed during their time in…

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